Committed to improving the value of management and the significance of organizations, ConfluentC is an executive advisory and development firm engaging with clients in consequential, well-defined projects.

Who we are?
What we do?
How we do it?
ConfluentC is a professional services firm serving companies, communities, and corporate chief executives on six continents.Our offerings include management advising, executive development, and keynote speaking – based on our rich and wide experience.Our services range across the entire spectra of management, spanning most industries and several governments.  We integrate broad general management and specific functional approaches to stimulate synergy for our clients. We help our clients achieve confluence; all ideas, issues, and opportunities are examined in dynamic, emergent strategic context and their enduring cross-organizational impact.  By effecting multiple methods, we establish systematic links across the client enterprise that boosts corporate performance.Clients value our systematic, scientifically-grounded executive development programs we develop or customize to address their high-impact corporate needs. To design confluence, it is crucial we examine and integrate across areas, domains, and functions resulting in client synergy.Every aspect is examined for its causal, feedback, developmental, and temporal influences.  Solutions are then synthesized and implemented with our clients.We secure the chief executive’s perspective and update top teams during our advisory work as also during the talent development initiatives they engage us for across their organizations.
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